Source: Dolby

Using the Dolby® PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor, colorists at Light Iron Digital matched the dark, dramatic imagery of The Social Network to the emotional tone of the film, and helped elevate the theatrical quality of the picture for its Blu-ray™ release.

David Fincher’s The Social Network is a film that uses the play and clarity of color to bring a sense of realism to the picture and emphasize the overall mood the director wants to convey. To preserve and enhance the depth and shadows of this film, postproduction facility Light Iron Digital employed the consistency and accuracy of the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor to analyze every scene.

For Light Iron Digital, the benefits of the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor went beyond high-quality viewing. They include:

  • Limited image variations between different formats
  • The ability to display extremely low values cleanly and without any dither
  • Image reproduction without introducing additional characteristics to the film
  • The ability to show the image detail captured on the Red Epic®, one of today’s leading digital cameras
  • Allowing the facility to deliver and show producers, directors, and studios exactly what they have

“The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor is possibly one of the best image display devices in the world.”
– Michael Cioni, CEO, Light Iron Digital

“The Dolby [Professional] Reference Monitor really gave us the cleanest possible image and the deepest, darkest black level and an amazing sharpness.”
– Ian Vertovec, Lead Colorist, Light Iron Digital