The next round of industry consolidation is complete. Both facilities are heavily invested in telecine infrastructure and both have phenomenal rosters of color talent. Transaction seems to be a simple case of an organization acquiring a revenue stream from a competing organization. Question comes down to how much of a premium they paid for that revenue stream. At the end of the day, Laser’s team is probably better-positioned under the control of Tech than under a private equity firm.

Technicolor completed its acquisition of Hollywood-headquartered post house Laser Pacific.

Laser Pacific’s feature postproduction work includes upcoming Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer; and Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s first 3D film. TV post includes House, Mad Men, The Good Wife and new series Awake. Its recent restoration projects include Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hoffa and The French Connection.

The roster of colorists at Laser Pacific includes Dave Cole and Mike Sowa (digital intermediate/features); Tim Vincent and Gareth Cook (broadcast); and Lou Levinson and Brian McMann (restoration).

With the acquisition, they become part of Technicolor’s Los Angeles-based team of colorists, a few of which includes Jill Bogdanowicz, Mike Hatzer and Tony Dustin (digital intermediate/features); and Sparkle and Scotty Klein (broadcast).

Paris-headquartered Technicolor offers a range of services for the creation, management and delivery of entertainment content, ranging from postproduction to Blu-Ray authoring and digital cinema distribution.

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