Source: Post New York Alliance Newsletter

NY Post Alliance

From acquisition to editorial to finishing, file-based technologies are constantly changing how content is created. But the expert team at Light Iron NY is adept at helping clients fit each unique workflow puzzle together to realize their vision.

Megan Marquis, VP of Operations, says that understanding media in terms of data is key: “Our progressive techniques start on set with our Live Play 3 iPad app, which leverages metadata and cloud storage to improve dailies review and creative collaboration.”

With the help of new parent company Panavision, Light Iron has also redesigned its popular OUTPOST Mobile Post System. “Outpost has been saving productions time and money with its efficient dailies processing services for years,” says Marquis. “And now we’ve worked closely with Panavision designers to develop a modular form factor that is lighter and customizable to an even wider variety of uses.”

Light Iron also continues to expand their SoHo facility, with new editorial suites planned to open in early 2016. Marquis notes, “Some of our most satisfied clients are those who work with us from dailies to editorial to DI, like THE WANNABE.” The Nick Sandow directed feature premiered at Tribeca before releasing in theaters this December.

Marquis says that one of the recent projects she’s proudest of is Z: THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING, an Amazon pilot finished in 4K and HDR. Z utilized Light Iron’s on-set post services, cut in Light Iron’s suites, and was colored by Senior Colorist Sean Dunckley. Looking ahead, Marquis expects more episodic work to come to Light Iron NY, with the 2016 facility remodel also including an additional TV Bay.