Technology Review ran a nice little article regarding RED’s impact on the industry. Many times we take for granted how amazing the RED camera actually is: size, price, resolution, functionality, and workflow, all at the same time. Jim and his team lead the pack without question.

There are references to disruptive innovation in this article, a theory that I find fascinating. The production / post industry is surrounded by disruptive innovation, and its empowering our facility everyday.

In the “standard model” of technological disruption, a relatively inexpensive, low-end product, which at first might appeal only to entry-level users, slowly improves in performance until it meets the demands of even the most discriminating power customers. The PC is the prototypical example; current models have the horsepower that until recently was the exclusive province of supercomputers.


The path Red took was slightly different. Digital movie cameras were already on the market when the Red team began their work. But the image quality of early digital cameras was nowhere near what was required for a feature movie. Quality was improving—but Jannard wanted his first model to leapfrog past all current digital cameras and exceed the strictest performance specs, even for film.