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Destin Cretton


Brett Pawlak


Ian Vertovec

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In Short Term 12, DI Colorist Ian Vertovec helped develop the unique, soft image that Director Destin Cretton and DP Brett Pawlak envisioned for the energetic but emotionally exhausting world of the foster system.  The effect was successful, as audiences and critics alike connected empathetically to the main character, Grace, as the story packed emotional punches.  Vertovec fleshed out the look by softening the blacks, giving them texture and keeping them from falling into the background.  The frame in Short Term 12 is pronounced, complete, and serves to fully envelop viewers as opposed to isolating them in darkness.  Short Term 12 was nominated for three Spirit Awards and took home the Grand Jury Award and Audience Award at South by Southwest 2013.

You can read more about Vertovec’s work on Short Term 12 here.


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