Takes the Cloud to New Heights

The Only Review System You Need

With Live Play 3, you can review takes instantly on-set, stream remote units live, and send same-day dailies to editorial and beyond.  Toggle from Day View to Scene View, easily tag and sort clips, create playlists, and share private links – all in the palm of your hand.

Collaboration Unlimited

Get immediate feedback on-set with high-performance clip distribution.  Users can review and tag thousands of clips on demand.

Harness the cloud to access live camera streams of remote units.

See all the angles with the world’s first multicam review.

Superior Control

Active tagging and powerful sorting quickly filter dailies:

  • Scene view
  • Day view
  • Circle, Actors, Locations, and custom tags

Easily apply tags to multiple clips.

Get specific with frame-based notes.

Share Selects with Your Team

Save and distribute playlists to other users.

Send PDFs, EDLs, ALEs, or XMLs to Editorial and VFX.

Send private secure links of clips to additional collaborators.

Why Live Play 3

With more than 4,000 professionals around the world using the original Live Play and Todailies apps, Light Iron began the dailies revolution.

Never settling, we listened carefully to our clients and reimagined Live Play to exceed their evolving expectations.

The all new Live Play 3 is a seamlessly integrated system for both on-set review and cloud distribution of colored & synced dailies.  Its intuitive design, powerful central hub for metadata tagging and filtering, and secure asset management platform will change dailies review forever.