Robert Safian, managing editor of Fast Company Magazine, posted this article on “Generation Flux” in Huffington Post. At the HPA Tech Retreat, Leon Silverman introduced Michael Cioni by calling him “the spokesman for generation flux.”

The business climate has entered a next-two-hours era, which I call the Age of Flux. This time, which will certainly last another decade if not more, will be continually characterized by the dizzying pace of change caused by the global adoption of social, mobile, and other new technologies.

It’s scary to think of taking risks, of branching out into an ambiguous future, especially at a moment when the economy is in no hurry to emerge from the doldrums. But this really is a moment of exploding opportunity for those prepared to embrace the change.

We talk a lot about obsolescence, democratization of technologies, and our competitors’ willingness (or lack of willingness) to change. We also talk about our company’s business model today, and how it will eventually evolve into something completely different. I think this article encapsulates the philosophy of our organization. The quotation from Charles Darwin is probably the best part. In summary: it is not the strongest or the smartest species that survives; it’s the one most adaptable to change.