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Studios need to back R&D

I’ve highlighted articles by David Cohen in the past, because he does a good job commenting on trends that affect post production services. I think his premise below is worth discussing: that the image quality of content being distributed to the home (4K) is going to leapfrog the image quality of the content distributed to the theater (mainly 2K).

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Death of Pixels?

Very interesting stuff here. The idea of this system is that if you can encode video images without using pixels as the grid of capture, you can change the way in which codecs work – in essence possibly eliminating them in the ways in which we’re currently used to.

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The Fight Over Formats

This article was mentioned in conjunction with the Atlantic article as another example where the digital/film argument continues to rage, and is a little more balanced in terms of presenting both sides.

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What Drives Entrepreneurs to Win

My father sent me this article from the Gallup Business Journal. When I read through the article I thought about all the talents / skills that our team brings to this company. Light Iron is an entrepreneurial business in a tough industry that was founded in a terrible economy. I believe that, by combining our skills, we cover the articles’ “10 demands” quite well.

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The New Breed of Communicators

Think back to a traumatic moment in your life in which you were experiencing with many others around you. Try to find a moment you can easily recall, perhaps talk about often and remember where you were when you heard about it.

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