Blog: Views From the Light House

Future Proofing Your Production

From the 2016 PGA “Produced By” conference in Los Angeles, Light Iron’s Michael Cioni and Katie Fellion led a dynamic presentation and panel discussion about delivering content that’s not just backwards-compatible, but forwards-compatible as well.

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LIT Pixel vs. DEAD Pixel

Many people have heard of a “Dead” pixel in the digital camera industry. But I bet that the term “Lit” pixel is far less understood. Joel Ordesky’s article sheds some light on where they come from and how to repair them.

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The Digital Projection Screen Take-over

Pretty substantial development. In North America, 96% of screens are digital (that’s roughly 1,600 film projectors remaining). This shift has been happening over the span of the last few years and on a global scale. This marks a truly fast track, dramatic shift and...

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Apple and ProRes 4444 XQ

Apple issued an update to their Pro Codecs today which looks like it includes a new version of Pro Res (4444 XQ). I imagine we will start seeing this codec as an acquisition format in next-gen cameras and as a delivery requirement.

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