Streaming Video Playback – LiVE PLAY

Since 2008, a significant number of post production houses seemed to have disappeared. Some have been sold at a loss, others were merged with a group of pre-existing facilities, some were liquidated, one I know of simply changed its name, and a few just went out of business.

Dolby Made Pictures

As IBC 2010 begins, there are a number of products that are going to be released, announced, and examined closely. One of which that I think will deserve all the recognition it is going to get is Dolby’s new color grading monitor.

RED Reel 600 & 4K

Since 2007, I have produced and edited 8 company reels for the RED Digital Cinema camera company. Most of the reels coincide with special event exhibitions – such as IBC, NAB, or in-house RED events and play all over the world…