Dir: Various | DP: Christian Sprenger
Colorist: Ian Vertovec

The Keepers

Dir: Ryan White | DP: John Benam
Colorist: Nicholas Lareau

Ingrid Goes West

Dir: Matt Spicer | DP: Bryce Fortner
Colorist: Corinne Bogdanowicz

Patti Cake$

Dir: Geremy Jasper | DP: Federico Cesca
Colorist: Sean Dunckley

“Light Iron has a passion to support storytellers to realize and deliver their vision.”

Keanu Reeves
Director, Man of Tai Chi

Keanu Reeves Director, Man of Tai Chi

“Light Iron didn’t invent post production services; it merely perfected them.”

Brian Helgeland
Director, 42

Brian Helgeland Director, 42

“I think Light Iron has been amazing. I love this facility and everyone here.”

Sian Heder
Director, Tallulah

Sian Heder Director, Tallulah

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